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Contrasts in Composition


Giselle Simons, Mehdi Ghafghazi, and Alan Rhody

 July  5th - 21st, 2019 (opening reception July 6, 5-8 pm)

Giselle Simons, a New York artist with a BFA in Photography from Cornell University, has most recently employed  horseshoe crab shells as her canvas, painting them with unique, colorful, intricate designs, ranging from tribal to psychedelic. “Though born and raised in the city I have always found the natural world intriguing in its visual imagery, materials, and forms -- and this is an integral part of my art. No horseshoe crabs have been harmed in the creation of these works of art!  All my shells have been found washed up on the beach at Davis Park, Fire Island, NY, their life force long gone.”


Iranian born Mehdi Ghafghazi studied polymer engineering and visual art. His work emcompasses various themes. His paintings on display are inspired by the masters of Persian calligraphy, revealing the conflict and bipolarity of our world. Other works employ all natural elements, “For instance, for Decomposition After Deterioration, I found out wood as the most illustrative tool to express my opinion. Like a human being who has been living someday and is nothing but a memory in memories, an element once  fluent in life becomes a dry, hard breathless inanimate bulk with memories of seasons.”

Alan Rhody's professional life has been spent working at the intersection of art and technology.  He is exhibiting an installation that showcases two of his longtime passions - stone sculpture and holography. Rhody primarily works at his stone studio, where he handcarves marble, alabaster, and soapstone artworks. In addition to this ancient craft, Rhody also works with modern laser technologies to create other 3D imagery. “Thirty years ago, I was fortunate to be enrolled at an art school in the San Francisco Bay area when the newly-emerging field of display holography was blossoming.  After a long hiatus, I recently resumed hologram production at Ohio State University Physics Dept as part of an artist residency program. My recent work integrates imagery sculpted in both stone and light.”



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Fabric of Change
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Fabric of Change

July 25th - August 11th, 2019 

Fabric of Change - Chuu Wai Nyein

Myanmar (Burmese) artist Chuu Wai Nyein is inspired by the lives of women in Burma and the taboo around femininity. Her provocative images and portrayal of the female sexuality has proven quite controversial in her home country and opened up eyes and doorways abroad. 

Chuu Wai Nyein had a rare opportunity for a Burmese to go abroad and live in New York and Paris for some time. These journeys gave her a different perspective on the lives of women in her home country. Chuu's works show her disagreement over inequality, the unquestioning of the traditional division of roles and the image of a woman created by the media. 

Since 2015, Chuu Wai Nyein has worked on images that reflect her interest in women's identity and the way women from Burma react to social pressure. She sees her paintings as part of the accelerated evolution that is currently taking place in Burma.  She describes her work as both a reconquest of female identity and a send-up of the traditional idea of the Myanmar woman, who at the demands of men must be a portrait of modesty yet also quietly abide ogling, catcalling, groping – even rape.

Dual themes of constraint and liberty, Defiant yet calm, Restricted yet liberated all resonate within her works. The paintings are created against an awareness of the many ways society controls and scrutinizes women more than men, the ways that women resist, and the way that culture is evolving. She sees her paintings as part of that evolution.

After several solo shows in Myanmar she has recently shown in Paris, London and Poland.

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